Make Your Event Night Hassle Free and Arrive at Odesza: The Last Goodbye Tour with Style

Are you a fan of Odesza? So you might be thinking about their next event“ The Last Goodbye 2023”. The event is going to happen on Saturday, 9th September 2023 at 6.30 pm at the iTHINK Financial Amphitheater, West Palm Beach FL. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your tickets now.

The preparations for this amazing music night are on the way to completion. Everyone in West Palm is eagerly waiting for the event day to get entertained with the thrilling performance of Odesza. 

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Exploring Odesza and The Last Goodbye Tour 2023

Odesza is a well-known music duo in America. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are the creators of this music combo. Both have extreme music and dance skills to captivate their fans all over the world. The music duo is popular for its distinctive fusion of dance, pop, and indie music. 

The electrifying live stage performances of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight enhance their popularity among their fans. 

Both are skilled at drumming, visuals, and guest vocalists. They have created numerous fantastic music tracks for their listeners individually as well as being a music duo. Apart from American popularity, his legendary music duo has international recognition as well. 

Their songs “Say My Name,” “Higher Ground,” “Line of Sight,” and “A Moment Apart” are among their greatest-known ones. They’ve been considered for numerous Grammys as well. Both the Album of the Year and Live Act of the Year prizes at the 2017 Electronic Music Awards went to them.

Their best-selling and top-tier music tracks helped them to create a huge fan base all over the globe. Odesza has announced “The Last Goodbye Tour 2023” which has already captivated the hearts of fans all over the globe.

Fans are very excited and looking for tickets to see the performance of their favorite legendary producer duo. The announcement also gave information about the event cities. This event will be performed in 19 new cities, with the electric support of Bob Moses, Neil Frances, Qrtr & Olan, Bonobo, Big Boi, TokiMonsta, and Drama. 

The title “The Last Goodbye” amazed the fans but Odesza has confirmed that the title does not actually indicate a goodbye, rather it’s all about stepping back in celebration.

Who are Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight?

Both the characters are the founder of Odesza Harrison Mills is individually known as Catacombkid while Clayton Knight as BeachesBeaches. Both started their individual journey before their graduation from Western Washington University.

Experience the Thrill of Odesza by Attending the event in West Palm Beach

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Make Your Event Night Hassle Free and Arrive at Odesza: The Last Goodbye Tour with Style